​Art & Sue Rancis


This is a recommendation concerning a home designer that we have been recently working with Melinda Hammers of Inspire Design. 

The word recommendation however is not strong enough when we consider the extraordinary accomplishments that Melinda produced on our home. In terms of scope, she worked on elements of both the interior and exterior, skillfully using what she knew about our tastes and home flow desired. For the interior, she selected individual wall textures, colors, edge designs, and shading. All other elements such as stone counter tops, cabinet exteriors, flooring, tiles, and fixtures were carefully matched and brought together for a unified appearance. It was incredible how she found uniquely beautiful tiles and fixtures that suppliers were not even aware of. Melinda also worked with our architect on the exterior of our home to make sure that both had a coordinated look and feel. 

On the business side of her efforts, we also felt very lucky to be using her. She was able to get subcontractors to perform in a timely manner, suppliers to provide the most competitive pricing, and inspections to pass smoothly.

We highly recommend Inspire Design to any home owner builder/remodeling a high end home, or any contractor who wants to work with a true design professional.


Art & Sue Rancis